Water Guns for the Kids and Family.

Water Guns for the Kids

From the desk of Billy.

When we first started to develop this water gun product with our team, it actually triggered some memories of mine when I was at their age as a toddler.

 As far as I could remembered with some help from Mom. It was a hot afternoon, my Dad felt the need to go for a swim and it was the first time we went to a swimming pool. As a kid, of course I was excited and exhilarated not knowing what to expect. Little did I knew when I was standing by the side of the pool, butterflies were in my tummy and this fear suddenly overcame me!

I did not want to get into the water!

Water Guns for Kids                                                                                                                

My Dad as a disciplinarian was having none of it. I was crying buckets but had to get into the water at all costs. It was a horrendous experience that a kid had to go through.

Now as a dutiful Dad, it was now time to bring my kids to the pool to learn to swim. Recalling my younger days experience, I would dread my kids to go through the same path. Instead of forcing them, I decided to let them have fun and not fearing to get into the water. After much searching, these 4 inexpensive water guns became part of their amusement toys every time they go for their swim.

So now, they really look forward going to the swimming pools, national parks, lakes and beaches.

We hope we did our little bit to assist both parents and kids in overcoming their anxieties during their first swims. 

Hope that your family have a pleasant time at the waters.

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Thank you.

Billy from the Unitrendify Team.